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Cキーハーモニカ フェスティブギフトプロフェッショナルブロー楽器ファインポリッシング20トーンハーモニカ 新作製品 世界最高品質人気 大人向け学生初心者子供向け 新登場






1. This harmonica has fine workmanship and excellent polishing. Moreover, the product has a glossy feel, pure sound, and superior air‑tightness. This harmonica has strong bass, clear and bright treble, and sensitive pronunciation.
2. This harmonica is made of brass plate chrome plated, which is strong and durable, not easy to rust, and has good durability. Wide range of applications. Suitable for beginners or professional performances of adults, children, students
3. This harmonica effectively reduces air leakage on both sides of the mouth, makes playing comfortable and has clearer sound quality. Can give you a great playing experience.
4. This C Key hamonica playing more effortlessly, the sound is fuller and softer, can effectively control the blowing and suction airfiow, making the harmonica sound more layered and full
5. An elegant and the best gift for children and friends at festivel or birthdays, the harmonica sound is pleasant, which can stimulate children's interest in learning musical instruments and cultivate good musical perception


Item Type: Harmonica

Material: Brass plate chrome plated

Package List:

1 x Harmonica