Hi maria retno

Congratulations! I have reviewed your application to the ClickBooth Publisher Network and have approved you. You have been assigned a unique username and password to access the ClickBooth Publisher Interface.

Note: If you have not been reached via phone for verification of the account this approval may be temporary and we will need a working phone number to verify the account so you can login.

To log into ClickBooth, please go to http://www.clickbooth.com and sign in with the following information:

Username: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
Password: xxxxxx

When you log in, you can go to the Campaigns tab to see the advertising offers available to you. For tracking purposes, ClickBooth will automatically embed your unique affiliate ID into each tracking link. For your reference, your affiliate ID is XXxxxx.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. I’m available on AIM: