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Now 今ダケ送料無料 45 人気上昇中

Now 45


Now 45



And so the mighty Now That's What I Call Music juggernaut rolls on, crushing all competition in its wake (anyone remember its erstwhile competitor "Hits" which petered out after about five volumes?). "i"Now 45 conforms perfectly to the formula that has made this series such a success, packing in hit after hit of disposable poppy tunes. CD One goes for a mixture of out-and-out pop fare, with S Club 7, Britney Spears, Vengaboys and Aqua, and Ramp;B-lite from the likes of the Honeyz, Precious and Fierce. CD Two goes off on more of a dance tip, with chart-topping-tastic "choons" from the likes of Chicane, Moloko, Basement Jaxx and the omnipresent Moby. CD Two then goes a bit weird at the end with Blink 182 and John Lennon--two tracks that the compilers were obviously keen to include but didn't seem to quite know where to put them. Apart from that it's easy-on-the-ear, high-on-the-saccharine from start to finish. If this is what you call music, then you'll love it. --Helen Marquis

Product Description

45th in the popular UK series collecting tracks from all over the charts from dance to pop to alternative. 26 tracks including such current hits as Gabrielle'-'Rise', Aqua-'CartoonHeroes', Shania Twain-'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!',Vengaboys-'Shalala Lala',

Now 45


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